Anything is possible when it comes to building your home. Antone Briody Construction can make your dream home become a reality in a matter of weeks.

All our new builds are carried out to the highest standard and meet all the current building regulations. Our highly experienced team will construct buildings that combine high quality workmanship with exciting design.


Rural Retreat is a family home in Cavan. The house is broken into a series of individual blocks representing the traditional cottage and associated outbuildings. The blocks are arranged to create sheltered courtyards around the house which also take advantage of the sun path and the views over the countryside.

The materials palette also takes reference from traditional rural architecture; the largest block is clad in locally sourced stone, the smaller in white render, with natural slate roof covering.


Antone Briody Construction was employed to build this new detached Bungalow in Portmarnock. The structure is timber framed. Exterior is finished with a mixture of brick and block covered by Monocouche render. The roof has a 15O Trocal membrane finish. At the end of 16 weeks our clients were delivered and A3 rated energy efficient home in a turnkey condition.



Antone Briody Construction constructed this detached 4 bedroom home with attic conversion on a corner site in Drumcondra. This build was a logistic challenge due to the site orientation and location. However the project was completed within time and on budget.

Cremore Villas

This is a 3 bedroom 1200sq foot detached two storey house that we are currently working on. This project is A3 rated with solar PV roof panels and will be completely fitted out by Antone Briody Construction.

Cremore Villas